Justin Yu – Chef/Owner. His go-to Whataburger order: potato, egg, and cheese taquitos with grilled jalapenos. Extra crispy on the potatoes (the N. Main location does excellent potatoes after 2 AM.) And a sausage BoB. 

Justin Vann – Beverage Director. If you happen to see a flare set off within Houston city limits, he probably did it. 

Jason White – Chef de Cuisine. Plays in a band called Demonic Hen, which extolls the virtues of vegan-ism, even though he isn’t vegan. They all dress up as foodstuffs. He’s a beet. Naturally, he’s the drummer. 

Diana Kendrick – Maitre d’. Believes that you can learn all you really need to learn about patience by being a server in a diner. 

Bridget Paliwoda – Sommelier. Quick-witted, excels in exaggeration. Once wrestled a goat. For fun.